Cardiovascular disease some cardiovascular diseases also get a good response after.

Mar 16 2022

Cardiovascular disease some cardiovascular diseases also get a good response after using olive leaf extract. Coronary heart disease seems to be responding well to olive leaf extract. According to laboratory and preliminary clinical studies, olive leaf extract can relieve discomfort caused by insufficient arterial blood flow, including angina pectoris and intermittent claudication. It helps to eliminate atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia), reduce hypertension and inhibit the production of LDL cholesterol.

Safety editor researchers verified the toxicity of oleuropein by continuously supplying the albino mice with 1 g / kg ultra-high dose of oleuropein for 7 days. There were no deaths, and high doses did not cause any toxicological effects. In fact, the safety of oleuropein in olive leaf extract was so high that investigators could not successfully determine its lethal dose.

Dose editor the recommended dose by health experts includes one or two capsules with a total dose of 500 mg per day for prevention. For the treatment of diseases, the dosage varies with the severity of the disease, but the range should be within four to twelve capsules per day, or two to six grams of total extract.

Applied editing medicine is used to produce new drugs for the treatment of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and blood sucking worms, and for the treatment of colds.

Health food in Europe and the United States and other countries, olive leaf extract is mainly used as a dietary supplement to regulate immunity.

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