Food and Nutrition Ingredients

Food and Nutrition Ingredients


  • CAS No: 147-81-9
  • Molecular Formula: C5H10O5
  • Molecular Weight: 150.131
  • Appearance: White Crystal Powder
  • Specification: 99%
  • Solubility: 100% Water Soluble


L-arabinose is a fast-growing dietary supplement believed to help fight obesity and prevent several diseases caused by being overweight.

Known as sugar blockers, this compound is primarily used in formulating dietary supplements for weight management. It is also used commercially in the food industry as a sweetener.

Product Name L-Arabinose
CAS No 147-81-9
Molecular Formula C5H10O5
Molecular Weight 150.131
Appearance White Crystal Powder
Specification 99%
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Specific Rotation 103℃(C=5, H2O)
Melting Point Melting Point

L-Arabinose Function

  • Can inhibit body fat accumulation
  • Prevent and treat diseases related to hyperglycemia
  • Prevent constipation
  • Inhibit the absorption of sucrose

L-Arabinose Application

● Baked food. The molecular structure of L-arabinose contains aldehyde group, which is a reducing monosaccharide. When it is mixed with sucrose to make baked goods, it will undergo Maillard browning reaction with amino acids, proteins and other substances in the dough, endowing baked goods with more unique flavor and brighter colors. It can also inhibit the body’s absorption of sucrose.

● Drinks. It is added to low-sugar beverages, sugar-free beverages, tea beverages, milk-containing beverages, vegetable protein beverages, fruit and vegetable juice beverages and other nutritional and health functional beverages.

● Biomedicine.L-arabinose can be used to synthesize antiviral drugs such as nucleoside analogs, and L-arabinose is used as a raw material to synthesize 2-deoxy-2-fluoro-5-methyl-β-L-arabinose furanosouridine (L-FMAU ). L-FMAU is a potent anti-hepatitis B virus (HBV) and anti-Ep-stein-Barr virus active agent.

● Other fields. Using L-arabinose as raw material, the rare sugar alcohol-arabinitol can be produced through hydrogenation synthesis reaction, which can also be used in microbial fermentation and genetic improvement experiments. It can be used to synthesize L-ribose, an important pharmaceutical intermediate of anti-AIDS virus and anti-cancer drugs, and can also be used to prepare arabinose-responsive essence that can produce soft and strong aroma.

How To Use L-Arabinose?

Adding 3.5% sucrose can inhibit 60-70% of sucrose absorption in the human body, and long-term use can lower blood sugar. Consuming L-arabinose alone has the same effect.

According to a Japanese study, women who are prone to constipation can increase the number of weekly bowel movements by adding 3% L-arabinose sucrose to black tea and other drinks.

The experiments conducted by Sanhe Starch Co., Ltd. showed that the intake of sucrose with 5% arabinose can promote the growth of bifidobacteria. L-arabinose is a sugar that is not easily absorbed by the digestive tract, and any unused portion is excreted in urine.

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