Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts


  • Product Source: Dicotyledonous plant Liliaceae Aloe vera extract
  • CAS Number: 1415-73-2; 5133-19-7
  • Molecular Formula: C21H22O9
  • Specifications: Aloin 10%, 20%, 90%
  • Particle Siz: 95% pass 80 mesh


Aloin is a natural organic compound, also known as aloe-emodin, and aloe verain. Its molecular formula is C21H22O9. Aloin crystallizes in ethanol as yellow needle-like crystals that are soluble in water and pyridine, soluble in glacial acetic acid, formic acid, acetone, methyl acetate and ethanol.

Aloe vera extract is a concentrated dry product of the leaves of the monocot Liliaceae Aloe barbadensis Miller. Aloe vera powder has the physiological effect of a laxative effect. It has effects on depigmentation, tyrosinase inhibitory, free radical scavenging and antibacterial activity.

Aloe vera powder can help expel dirt from the body and promote blood circulation such as purifying the blood, softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and blood viscosity that prevent arteriosclerosis and cerebral hemorrhage.

Product Alias Aloin, Aloe vera extract, Aloe vera powder
Product Source Dicotyledonous plant Liliaceae Aloe vera extract
CAS Number 1415-73-2; 5133-19-7


Molecular Formula C21H22O9
Molecular Weight 418.394
Specifications Aloin 10%, 20%, 90%
Particle Size 95% pass 80 mesh
Packaging Standard packaging: 25kg/cardboard drum, 1kg/bag
Storage Stored in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf Life 24 months
Manufacturing Process The whole leaf of Aloe vera is extracted, concentrated, refined and dried by advanced technology


  • General food
  • Weight management supplements
  • Cosmetics and daily chemical raw materials for external use
  • Functional food

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