Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides

  •   Botanical Source: Withania Somnifera
  •   Active Ingredient:Withanolides
  •   Plant Part Used:Root
  •   Specs: 1%~10% Withanolids
  •   Appearance: Brown Powder
  •   CAS No.: 117-39-5


South African drunken eggplant extract is extracted from the dried roots of wild South African drunken eggplant. It can reduce stress and anxiety that increases energy and improves sleep. At the same time, Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides are also able to reduce food cravings and help you have a better married life.

Product name Ashwagandha Extract
Botanical Source Withania Somnifera
Active Ingredient Withanolides
Plant Part Used Root
Specs 1%~10% Withanolides
Appearance Brown Powder
CAS No 117-39-5
Molecular formula C15H10O7
Molecular weight 302.236
Particle Size 95% pass 80 mesh
Test Method HPLC
Application Health products, functional solid drinks


Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides Function

  • Improves Underactive Thyroid Function

Withanolides has been shown to support a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, or underactive thyroid.

  • Relieves Adrenal Fatigue

Research shows that Withanolides may be useful in supporting adrenal function and helping overcome adrenal fatigue.

  • Combats Stress and Anxiety

One of the most well-known Withanolides benefits is its ability to work as a natural remedy for anxiety.

  • Improves Depression

Not only does Withanolides benefit people who deal with anxiety and chronic stress, but it can also be helpful for people who experience signs of depression.

Dosage of Ashwagandha Extract Withanolides

  • Dosage for anxiety: about 300 milligrams, taken once or twice per day.
  • Dosage for balancing testosterone and supporting male fertility: between 300 milligrams twice daily to 5,000 milligrams/day.
  • Dosage for thyroid health/fighting hypothyroidism: 300 milligrams taken two to three times daily.
  • Dosage for sleep: starting at 300 milligrams, taken one to two times per day.
  • Dosage for fertility and hormonal balance: up to 5,000 milligrams/day.
  • Dosage for arthritis symptoms and reducing inflammation: starting at 250–500 milligrams/day.
  • Dosage for muscle growth: about 500–600 milligrams/day.
  • Dosage for cognitive health and memory: about 300 milligrams, taken two to three times per day.
  • Dosage for fighting effects of chemotherapy: about 2,000 milligrams/day.

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