Citrus Aurantium Extract

Citrus Aurantium Extract

Methyl Hesperidin Chalcone

  • Source: Citrus Aurantium
  • Specification: 98% UV
  • Appearance: Yellow Powder
  • CAS No.: 24292-52-2
  • Moisture: < 5.0%
  • Ash: < 5.0%


Methylhesperidin chalcone is a methylated derivative of the flavonoid hesperidin. It is present in several fruits, especially citrus fruits.

The compound is a light yellow, slightly bitter water-soluble powder. Hesperidin methyl chalcone is widely used as a nutritional supplement and cosmetic raw material in Japan and Europe.

Methylhesperidin chalcone supports and protects the vascular system and has a special effect on capillaries and venous vessels.

Hesperidin methyl chalcone has been shown to strengthen capillaries by increasing capillary resistance and reducing capillary permeability. Hesperidin methyl chalcone can also improve venous power, tone and vasodilation.

Product Name Methyl Hesperidin Chalcone
Botanical Name Citrus Aurantium L.
Source Citrus Aurantium
Specification 98% UV
Appearance Yellow Powder
CAS No. 24292-52-2
Moisture < 5.0%
Ash < 5.0%
Melting Point Soluble In Water
Application Health-care Product, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics Raw Material
Particle Size Particle Size
Shelf Life 24 Months

Function Of Methyl Hesperidin Chalcone

  • Methylhesperidin Chalcone was designed as a nutritional supplement to improve circulation.
  • Methylhesperidin chalcone can diminish the number of hemorrhoid attacks.
  • Methylhesperidin chalcone protects against free radical damage, thereby delaying cellular aging.
  • Methylhesperidin chalcone helps promote blood circulation. It is recommended as a skincare ingredient.

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