Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extracts

Echinacea Polyphenols

  •   Specifications: 4% polyphenols
  •   Appearance: Brown yellow fine powder
  •   Extraction source: stems, leaves and roots of Asteraceae Echinacea
  •   Detection method: ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV)
  •   Product use: medicine, health products, food (beverage), feed additives, etc.


Echinacea polyphenols are the stems, leaves and root extracts of the Asteraceae plant Echinacea Purpurea. For the yellow-brown powder. The active ingredients are amides, caffeic acid ester derivatives, flavonoids and volatile oils. Its specification is that the total phenol content is not less than 4.0% in terms of dry products. Pharmacological effects are as immunomodulators and immunostimulators. Anti-virus, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, and insecticidal, anti-inflammatory effects.

Product Name Echinacea Polyphenols
Specifications 4% polyphenols
Appearance Brown yellow fine powder
Extraction method Ethanol and water extraction, spray drying
Main ingredient Polyphenol
Extraction source Stems, leaves and roots of Asteraceae Echinacea
Product taste Bitter and astringent
Detection method Ultraviolet spectrophotometer (UV)
Product use Medicine, health products, food (beverage), feed additives, etc
Storage method sealed and stored at room temperature, avoid strong light exposure
Product packaging 25kg/cardboard drum; 1kg/aluminum foil bag; or according to customer needs
Validity 24 months

Echinacea Polyphenols Function

 Echinacea has a good anti-inflammatory effect.

For common colds and traumas, flu and colds, polyarthritis, pertussis and upper respiratory tract infections in children, pediatric otitis media, tuberculosis, gynecological infectious diseases, urinary system infections, tracheitis, tonsillitis, eczema, allergic diseases, chronic prostatitis , Warts, psoriasis, candidiasis, chronic skin ulcers and chronic osteomyelitis, all have varying degrees of curative effect.

 Echinacea can improve the symptoms of bronchitis in children.

There are clinical controlled data on this. A doctor has conducted a retrospective study on 1,280 children with bronchitis, and the results show that treatment with echinacea juice can speed up the healing process than treatment with antibiotics. This is mainly because bronchitis is mostly a viral infection, and antibiotics are powerless, but echinacea preparations can stimulate non-specific defense mechanisms to attack virus-infected cells.

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