Elderberry Extract

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry Extract

  • Botanical Source: Sambucus Nigra L.
  • Specs: 25% Anthocyanidins, 5% flavone, 10%/30% Polyphenols
  • Test Method: UV
  • Appearance: Deep Purple Fine Powder
  • Plant Part Used: Fruits
  • Particle Size: 95% Pass 80 Mesh


The elderberry extract originates from the Sambucus nigra or black elder fruit. A part of a long tradition of herbal remedies and traditional folk medicines, the Black Elder tree is referred to as “the medicine chest of the common people.”

The tree’s flowers, berries, leaves, bark, and roots have all been utilized for their healing properties for centuries. Elder fruit contains many vital nutrients for health, such as vitamins A, B and C, flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, and amino acids.

Elderberry is used to scavenge free radicals, lower cholesterol, improve vision and bolster the immune system. It also can improve heart health and treat coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections, as well as tonsillitis.

Product Name Elderberry Extract
Botanical Source Sambucus Nigra L.
Synonym Sambucus Williamsii, Sambucus Nigra
Specs 25% Anthocyanidins, 5% flavone, 10%/30% Polyphenols
Test Method UV
Appearance Deep Purple Fine Powder
Plant Part Used Fruits
Particle Size 95% Pass 80 Mesh
CAS NO. 84603-58-7
Molecular Formula C28H58O
Molecular Weight 410
Shelf Life 24 Months

Elderberry Extract Function

  • Elderberry extract has long been used as a natural remedy for a wide range of medical issues.
  • Effective in warding off viruses, making it a go-to treatment for common illnesses such as colds and flu. Elderberry’s expectorant properties help to clear mucous and respiratory and sinus infections.
  • It has been shown to lower cholesterol and improve heart health.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis and other diseases.
  • Elderberry Extract is a free radical, antioxidant and anti-aging agent.

Elderberry Extract Application

It can be added to water-based drinks.

Pharmaceuticals as capsules or pills.

Food as capsules or pills.

Health products as capsules or pills.

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