Hericium Erinaceus Extract

Hericium Erinaceus Extract

Hericium Erinaceus Extract

  • Botanical Source: Hericium Erinaceus
  • Appearance: Yellow Fine Powder
  • Particle Size: 80 Mesh
  • Part Used: Fruiting Body or Mycelian
  • Specification: Polysaccharides10%, 30%, 50%
  • Solubility: 100% Water Soluble


Organic hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane Polysaccharide) is made from the fruiting body or mycelium of Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane). It is also known as lion’s mane mushroom, bearded mushroom, satyr beard, bearded hedgehog mushroom, sporococcus, bearded tooth fungus, is a herbivorous edible fungus of the dental fungus family.

Lion’s mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) extract contains a variety of active ingredients, mainly polysaccharides and beta-glucans (Beta D Glucan).

Three active ingredients in Lion’s mane mushroom extract


The researchers discovered that water-soluble polysaccharide, an active ingredient found in lion’s mane, has antitumor, immunomodulatory and blood pressure lowering effects.

Erinacines and Hericium

  • Lion’s mane extract from fruiting bodies and mycelium.
    From the fruit body, the main components are polysaccharides and Hericium erinaceus.
  • Mycelium extract, polysaccharides, Erinacines from lion’s mane.
    Erinacines from Lion’s Mane Mycelium. Hericium erinaceus from the fruiting body of lion’s mane. They can improve brain memory.

Beta glucans

Nowadays, more and more health care companies and consumers are beginning to pay attention to beta-glucan. It can effectively anti-tumor, anti-radiation, cholesterol-lowering, blood sugar-regulating and antioxidant effects.

Our organic hericium erinaceus polysaccharide (Hericium erinaceus extract) is certified organic quality USDA Organic, EU Organic and JAS Organic as well as Kosher and Halal. We can provide a Certificate of Transaction (COI) for your order.

Product Process Characteristics

  • Extract key nutrients from mushrooms using hot water and alcohol extraction methods
  • Specifically test for beta-glucans (>30%) and heavy metals (AHPA compliant)
  • Pay great attention to product quality, ensuring natural and organic. We didn’t add any additives or other polysaccharides to alter the taste and composition, so it’s a bit stronger
  • 100% Soluble in water
  • GMO Status: GMO free
  • Irradiation: Has not been irradiated
  • Allergen: Does not contain any allergen
  • Additive: Without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors.
Product Name Hericium Erinaceus Extract
Botanical Source Hericium Erinaceus
Appearance Yellow Fine Powder
Particle Size 80 Mesh
Part Used Fruiting Body
Specification Polysaccharides10%, 30%, 50%
Solubility 100% Water Soluble
Application Health-care Product, Pharmaceuticals Industry
Quality Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free

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Hericium Erinaceus Extract Process

FocusHerb organic hericium erinaceus is made from organic Hericium erinaceus. Dried organic Hericium erinaceus fruit bodies were granulated and then extracted with hot water.

After extraction, the residue of Hericium erinaceus is separated, and the extract is separated by membrane, concentrated, and spray-dried to obtain fine extract powder. Qualified products are vacuum packed after crushing, screening and metal detection.

What Do Mushrooms Grow On?

The Hericium erinaceus base is auspicious in Gutian, Fujian (fruiting in September, results in the middle and late December. Best time: March-April). Hericium erinaceus has the ability to repair and regenerate neurons, thereby improving cognitive function. It can reduce the effects of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Hericium erinaceus is gaining popularity in the Asian region.

Do You Test For Heavy Metals?

Certainly. All products are screened twice for heavy metals. We follow the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) guidelines for heavy metals. Our heavy metal limits are even stricter than those set by the AHPA.

Our Advantages

Why Are Lion’s Mane Mushroom So Good For The Cognitive?

Hericium erinaceus is abundant in vitamin B complex, deemed to protect against mental disorders. In particular, the VB12 in fresh Lion’s mane mushroom is 25% of the recommended intake, and 318% in powdered form. VB12 is popularly known as the “magic brain health element”.

Lion’s mane mushroom can be used as a dietary supplement or medicine. It is mainly used to treat mental decline, neurasthenia and autonomic decline, especially for Alzheimer’s disease.

The Planting Conditions of Our Lion’s Mane Mushroom

The first step is to select an appropriate medium. Cottonseed hulls became our ultimate choice. It’s more nutritious, retains water well, and is easily available. We store them in a 20°C environment.

The second step is to sterilize these substrates. Put them in an environment of about 100°C. After sterilization, block for 4-6 hours. When the temperature dropped to 30°C, we proceeded to the next step.

Combine the substrate with the strain. Our professors use the inoculation tool to quickly insert the strain into the matrix bag and seal it well. Then comes the most important step – training.

The growth of lion’s mane fungus has strict requirements on temperature and humidity. We controlled the temperature of the culture room at around 18°C. The humidity is controlled at around 85%-95%. We water 3-4 times a day as the lion’s mane fungus grows.

The air in our mushroom room is fresh, and the CO2 concentration in the mushroom room is less than 0.1%, which avoids the formation of deformed mushrooms. After 10-20 days of growth, we can enter the collection stage. We also have strict requirements on the final product, the fruit body needs to be full and firm.

What Kind of UV Method Do You Use?

We use PSA, PSA is phenol sulfuric acid, but phenol and sulfuric acid are two different liquids. We use sulfuric acid to hydrolyze the polysaccharide to glucose, then combine phenol and glucose into a colored product, and then use UV to detect the polysaccharide content.

Hericium Erinaceus Extract Function

  • Inhibiting and treating digestive system tumor
  • Nursing back to health gastrointestinal symptoms that cause by mental stress and irregular diet
  • Helping digestion, benefiting five internal organs and improving immunity
  • Anti-cancer and treating Alzheimer’s disease

Why FocusHerb Hericium Erinaceus Extract?

FocusHerb has been focusing on the production and development of plant extracts for many years.  We provide the products for nutraceutical market at competitive prices. Undergo rigorous independent testing to ensure that they are safe to eat around the world.

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