Sophora japonica Extract

Sophora japonica Extract


  •   Product Name: Genistein
  •   CAS NO: 446-72-0
  •   Specification content: 30%-98%
  •   Detection method: HPLC
  •   Product shape: light yellow powder crystal
  •   Product source: rhizome of legume Genista tinctoria Linn


Genistein, also known as genistein, dye isoflavones, is mainly an active ingredient extracted from leguminous plants such as soybean, clover, pueraria, locust, genistein (gorse) and broad bean root. known as phytoestrogens. It has a variety of pharmacological effects such as its estrogen-like effect, anti-tumor, anti-diabetic, and prevention of cardiovascular system diseases. Genistein has the functions of inducing programmed cell death, improving anticancer efficacy, and inhibiting angiogenesis. It is a potential cancer chemopreventive agent, and its anticancer effect and mechanism have broad application prospects.

Product Name Genistein
CAS NO 446-72-0
Product alia 5,7,4′-trihydroxyisoflavone, genistein, genistein
Molecular formula C15H10O5
Molecular weigh 270.23
Specification content 30%-98%
Detection method HPLC
Product shape light yellow powder crystal
Physical properties Melting point 297℃-298℃, soluble in DMSO and ethanol, almost insoluble in water.Light yellow crystalline powder; soluble in common organic solvents and yellow in dilute alkali.
Product source Rhizome of legume Genista tinctoria Linn
Shelf Life 24 months

Genistein effect

  • Antitumor

Inhibiting the growth of various tumor cells can regulate genes related to cell proliferation and apoptosis; inhibit NF-κB and Akt signal transduction pathways; potentially inhibit angiogenesis and lesion metastasis, and sensitize to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Promote blood lipid metabolism, prevent lipid oxidation, soften blood vessels

  • prevent osteoporosis

Can promote bone cell proliferation, differentiation and bone formation; inhibit osteoclast proliferation, differentiation and bone resorption.

  • protect nerve cells

It has the potential to affect brain morphology and structure through the blood-brain barrier, improve brain function, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • weak estrogen-like effect

As a natural phytoestrogen currently recognized internationally, genistein has a structure similar to that of estrogen, and has a preventive effect on menopausal symptoms.

Genistein application

  • Cosmetics and skin care products
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • health products

Genistein  Advantages

FocusHerb has focused on producing Sophora Japonica extract for more than ten years,We can control the quality and stability of raw materials from the source. From incoming raw materials to final products, we strictly follow GMP requirements to ensure the product quality of Sophoricoside.

The company has advanced imported testing equipment to ensure traceability testing from raw materials to production.The professional technical team strictly controls the quality and quality.Low pesticide residues, low solvent residues and high purity are the basis of our products.

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