Sophora japonica Extract

Sophora japonica Extract


  • Specifications:10%, 20%
  • Appearance:Dark brown powder
  • Test method:HPLC
  • Plant Part Used:Fruit
  • Extraction Solvent:Ethanol


Sophoraside is extracted from the dried and mature fruits of Sophora Japonica L., a leguminous plant.It has anti-fertility and toxic effects.

Product Name Sophoricoside
Sophoricoside 10%, 20%
Appearance Dark brown powder
Test method HPLC
Plant Part Used Fruit
Extraction Solvent Ethanol
Particle Size 98% pass 80 mesh
CAS Number 152-95-4
Molecular Formula C21H20O10
Molecular Weight 432.37
Physical & Chemical Properties Belongs to Isoflavones. Melting point is 297 ℃, density is 1.642; soluble in methanol and ethanol, but hardly soluble in water

Sophoricoside  Function

  • Estrogen-like effect

It can effectively prevent bone loss caused by estrogen deficiency in the body, maintain normal bone tissue morphology, and can effectively prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis and menopausal syndrome and estrogen metabolism in women Related diseases.

 Protect the liver

It has the effect of blocking glutamate on the nerves and tendons, which can cause the nerves and tendons to release energy, which can effectively reduce the effect of transaminase, thereby protecting the liver of patients with chronic hepatitis.

  • Anti-inflammatory

It can inhibit edema caused by xylene, croton oil, carrageenan, etc.

  • Anti-fertility activity

by regulating the expression of estrogen receptor (ERα) and progesterone receptor (PR) in the uterus, affecting the formation of pinocytosis, reducing the receptivity of the uterus, etc. The failure of mouse embryo implantation shows anti-fertility activity.

 Sophoricoside  Application

  • osteoporosis medicines
  • health products for middle-aged and elderly women
  • related health products for the treatment of menopausal syndrome
  • potential hepatoprotective drugs and health products
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agents
  • contraceptives

Sophoricoside Advantages

FocusHerb has focused on producing Sophora Japonica extract for more than ten years,We can control the quality and stability of raw materials from the source. From incoming raw materials to final products, we strictly follow GMP requirements to ensure the product quality of Sophoricoside.

The company has advanced imported testing equipment to ensure traceability testing from raw materials to production.The professional technical team strictly controls the quality and quality.Low pesticide residues, low solvent residues and high purity are the basis of our products.

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