Consumers demand much more than bold looks and creative textures from today’s beauty and personal care applications. They also want products that deliver visible, long-lasting results with ingredients that are proven safe and effective, even for the most sensitive skin areas.

Behind the strength of our cosmetic formulation expertise, ANGUS’ high-purity ULTRA PC™-grade amino alcohols are designed to deliver robust multifunctional performance and broad formulating latitude across a wide range of beauty and personal care applications. With efficient neutralization and buffering properties, as well as superior compatibility with a broad spectrum of other well-known formulating ingredients, ULTRA PC-grade amino alcohols aid in the formulation of beauty and personal care products with improved performance, enhanced stability and exceptional aesthetic properties.

Explore specific Beauty and Personal Care applications:

Explore how you can formulate with confidence using the ANGUS ULTRA PC™ portfolio of multifunctional amino alcohols for high-performance hair care, gentle skin care and bold color cosmetics.

Discover the Beauty and Personal Care Benefits

● High-efficiency neutralization and superior buffering
● Improved formulation stability and superior product aesthetics
● Gentle, low irritation for hypoallergenic cosmetics
● Low odor and non-yellowing
● Globally compliant; preferable EH&S profile

Discover the Chemistry of Beauty and Personal Care


AMP-ULTRA™ PC Multifunctional Amino Alcohol

AMPD ULTRA PC™ Multifunctional Amino Alcohol

Botanical Extracts

DL-2AP ULTRA PC™ Multifunctional Amino Alcohol

DMAMP™ ULTRA PC Multifunctional Amino Alcohol

HEPES Buffer

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Did you know?

ANGUS is a leader in personal care solutions tailored to regions and cultures worldwide. ANGUS’ six Customer Application Centers bring together world-class technical and regulatory expertise specific to the Personal Care industry. With state-of-the-art laboratories and advanced applications knowledge, we collaborate with personal care formulators and manufacturers to enable the local innovation essential to create the finest products. For beauty that knows no boundaries, discover ANGUS’ ULTRA PC-grade amino alcohols and the endless possibilities for hair care, skin care and color cosmetics.

Beauty and Personal Care Downloads

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Literature: ULTRA PC – Technical Brochure

Literature: ULTRA PC™ Amino Alcohols – Brochure

Literature: ULTRA PC™ Amino Alcohols – Formulating Fact Sheet

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