Organic Superfoods By CERES CN-BIO-140

Organic Superfoods By CERES CN-BIO-140

Organic Broccoli Powder

  • Botanical Source: Broccoli
  • Drying Method: Air Dried
  • Mesh: 80 Mesh
  • Appearance: Green Fine Powder
  • Particle Size: 95% Pass 80 Mesh
  • Certification: Organic, HACCP, ISO, QS, Halal, Kosher


What Is Organic Broccoli Powder?

Belonging to the cruciferous vegetable lineage, organic broccoli powder is significantly enriched with valuable nutrients known as glucosinolates. The health-promoting attributes of these compounds are activated when broccoli is either chopped or masticated, therefore contributing substantially to overall well-being.

Broccoli stands out as a nutritional powerhouse, packed with more vitamin C per ounce than oranges and as much calcium as milk. A medium spear contains triple the fiber of bran bread, while also being rich in beta-carotene compared to other fruits and vegetables.

Broccoli powder, made by grinding freeze-dried or air-dried broccoli florets, is a verdant, nutrient-packed powder akin to matcha. High in vitamins C and K, dietary fiber, and sulforaphane, it’s a concentrated source of health-promoting compounds, including cancer-fighting sulforaphane phytochemicals, regardless of whether it’s organic or not.

The Specification of Organic Broccoli Powder

Product Name Organic Broccoli Powder
Organic Broccoli Powder Broccoli
Drying Method Air Dried
Mesh 80 Mesh
Appearance Green Fine Powder
Particle Size 95% Pass 80 Mesh
Certification Organic, HACCP, ISO, QS, Halal, Kosher
Quality EU& NOP certificate, Non-GMO, Non-irradiation, Allergen Free, BSE/TSE Free
Customized Service Customized Package and Private Label
  • Organic AD Broccoli powder is made from qualified fresh broccoli. After cleaning, air-drying, grinding and inspection, they are packaged into cartons in the GMP workshop.
  • Organic FD Broccoli powder is made from qualified fresh broccoli. After cleaning, IQF, freeze-drying, grinding, and testing, they are finally packaged into cartons in the GMP workshop.
  • Organic SD Broccoli juice powder is made from qualified fresh broccoli. After cleaning, juicing, concentration and spray drying, the powder is obtained, and then it is inspected and packaged in the GMP workshop.

Organic Broccoli Powder Function

Broccoli powder is a distinctive and convenient addition to your culinary repertoire, offering both nutritional essentials and enhanced flavor. Presently, this versatile ingredient features prominently in an array of recipes and numerous food products globally.

Has a supportive effect on the body’s detoxification system

The trio of glucosinolates found in broccoli, namely Glucosinolates, Glucoraphanin and Brassinoids, represent a harmonious blend of phytonutrients unique to this vegetable. This potent trifecta facilitates each phase of the body’s detoxification process – from activation through neutralization to the final elimination of undesired toxins.

Helps address vitamin D deficiency

To effectively regulate vitamin D metabolism, especially during high-dose vitamin D supplementation for deficiencies, it’s essential to have balanced levels of Vitamins K and A. Broccoli, rich in both beta-carotene-derived Vitamin A and Vitamin K, serves as an ideal food option for those looking to boost their Vitamin D stores.

Excellent source of flavonoid kaempferol

Recent research shows that kaempferol, found in plants like broccoli, helps reduce the effects of allergens on the body. This highlights broccoli’s role in fostering a healthy inflammatory response.

How To Use Organic Broccoli Powder?

Regardless of your preference for utilizing fresh or frozen broccoli, an abundance of delightful cooking and consumption methods are available. Even the seemingly tough stalks of broccoli can be skillfully transformed into tantalizing and savory culinary masterpieces.

Broccoli powder’s flexibility shines as a versatile ingredient, easily incorporating into your diet to boost nutrition.

Broccoli powder can replace other green superfood powders in smoothies. Be sure to follow the recommended daily serving on the package for health benefits and safety.

Adding broccoli powder to soups and sauces boosts nutrition. For best results, mix it in at the end of cooking to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients and myrosinase, an enzyme that produces sulforaphane, maximizing the health benefits of your dishes.

Add a spoonful of broccoli powder to your omelettes and scrambled eggs before cooking to improve their look and boost nutrition.

Adding broccoli powder to homemade pasta dough boosts its nutritional profile, providing a healthier option with a distinct taste and extra health perks.

Why FocusHerb Organic Broccoli Powder?

FocusHerb has been focusing on the production and development of Organic Broccoli Powder for many years. We provide the organic superfoods at competitive prices.  Undergo rigorous independent testing to ensure that they are safe to eat around the world.

How To Buy Organic Broccoli Powder?

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