Organic Superfoods By CERES CN-BIO-140

Organic Superfoods By CERES CN-BIO-140

Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder

  •   Product Name:Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder
  •   Source:Sea Buckthorn Fruit
  •   Appearance:Light-yellow to yellow powder
  •   Odor:Typical sea buckthorn fruit
  •   Particle Size:95% Pass 80 Mesh
  •   Impurity:No visible foreign material


Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder is a light-yellow to yellow powder made from high-quality sea buckthorn fruit.  Organic Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder is rich in more than 100 biological active ingredients.

Product Name Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder
Source Sea Buckthorn Fruit
Appearance Light-yellow to yellow powder
Odor Typical sea buckthorn fruit
Particle Size 95% Pass 80 Mesh
Impurity No visible foreign material
Moisture ≤5.0%
Vitamin C ≥1200mg/100g
Grade Food Grade
Packaging Bottle, CAN, Drum, Plastic Container, Sea Buckthorn
  • GMO Status:This product is GMO free
  • Irradiation: This product has not been irradiated
  • Allergen: This product does not contain any allergen
  • Additive: This product without the use of artificial preservatives,flavors or colors

FocusHerb Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder has been authenticated as organic quality with the certificates of USDA organic, EU organic and JAS organic as well as Kosher check and Halal. We can supply the Transaction Certificate (COI) for your orders.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder Function

  • Anti-aging; whitening skin;
  • Anti-inflammatory and muscle regeneration, promoting tissue regeneration; regulating the immune system;
  • Strengthening the brain and improving intelligence, promoting the growth and development of children; 4. Protecting the liver.

Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder  application

Organic Sea buckthorn powder can be mixed with water to make a fruity tea, mixed into your favorite superfood smoothie or sprinkled on yogurt, cereal, porridge and even salads.

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