Pros and Cros of Herbal Extracts

Herbal Extract

Herbal extract is a substance or activity with desired properties extracted from a specific part of a plant, usually by treating it with a solvent.

Fruits & Vegetables Powder supplier

Fruits and Vegetable Powder

Supplements are a convenient way to increase the intake of an ingredient in your diet without struggling in the kitchen. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet to keep your body healthy and provide you with much-needed nutrients.


Food and Nutrition Ingredients

Food nutritional fortifiers refer to natural or artificially synthesized food additives that are added to foods to increase nutritional components and belong to the scope of natural nutrients.

Organic Superfoods Manufacturer

Organic Superfoods By CERES CN-BIO-140

Organic superfoods are highly nutritious foods that do not use chemicals or pesticides. Many people have heard of “superfruits,” which are packed with nutrients and praised for their antioxidant levels. Some superfoods, like superfruits, are rich in antioxidants. Others are popular because they are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

Natural Colorants-bg2

Natural Colorants

Natural colorants mainly refer to pigments extracted from animal and plant tissues. They are mostly planting pigments, including microbial pigments, animal pigments and inorganic pigments. They provide benefits because they are produced with sustainable and high-quality raw materials such as peppers, beets, red yeast rice, carrots, and more.

Cosmetic Ingredients Manufacturer

Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetics are compound mixtures made of various raw materials through reasonable deployment and processing. Cosmetics have a wide variety of raw materials with different properties. The raw material properties and uses of cosmetics can be roughly divided into two categories: matrix raw materials and auxiliary raw materials.

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