The best ingredients can only come from
the finest raw materials and manufacturing process controlling.


FocusHerb starts from the source of raw materials,GAP certified farms,organic cultivation .With 5000Acres of Olive leaf planting base,and closely cooperated with farms for nearly 20 kinds of organic plant and 200 herbal extracts such as Ginseng,Ginkgo ,Mushrooms, Wheat grass,Barley grass,Kale,Alfalfa ,Beet red,Ginger etc, to ensure optimal yield and guarantee a high quality plant extract at the end of the process.

FocusHerb examines each batch of raw material from identity,potency and purity,so as to strictly control the quality of the products from source to create a healthy life for human being.


4000M2 plant extract production workshop with mature plant extraction,separation and purification technology,and equipped with advanced production equipment,produce strictly according the the GMP procedure.

black radish planting
olive growing area
kale plantation
Ganoderma lucidum
maitake plantation
Concentration tank
Capsule production line
water tank
Capsule production line
workshop corridor


Our lab is equipped with a state of the art instruments for test and identification, such as UPLC,HPLC,UV ,GC and GC-MS (Residue of solvents),ICP-MS (Heavy Metals),GC/LC-MS-MS (Residue of pesticide),HPTLC and IR(identification), ELIASA(ORAC Value), PSL(Residue of irradiation ) , microbiology test and etc.Meanwhile established a systematic, standardized and institutionalized management system, to make sure the whole production process meets the principles of HACCP and GMP management to ensure every product in high quality.

We also established long-term cooperation with some third-party lab(SGS,Intertek ,Eurofins and NSF),to test our products through different method at different lab to ensure our products meet customer’s requirements.

Our products are supported with full documents,such as COA,TDS,MSDS,Composition Nutrition Sheet ,Flow Chart,etc

Set up tracking management system to control every products at every stage of manufacturing process,from arrival of raw material,storage,production,warehouse and sales to ensure us to precisely trace all products within the supply chain.


We have a high -level R&D team responsible for optimizing production process & lunching new products.Long-term cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions and Universities to develop plant active ingredients ,solutions for new products and specific efficacy health products for health food and cosmetics with the aim to offer added value to our customers.

FocusHerb annually invest abt 5%-10% of turnover in RD,we have a professional process lab and a professional formula lab which can carry our the process research and formula design for our plant extracts,mixing powders,capsules ,tablets and other diversified products.

Detection chamber
High performance liquid chromatography
High performance liquid chromatography
Electronic Analytical Balance
Heating and refluxing extraction
Circulating water pumps and rotary evaporators


FocusHerb have been dedicated on the field of plant extracts and Organic Superfoods, has made continuous efforts to innovation, optimizing production process and improving management and control standards. It has successfully obtained quality system certification such as SC, EU&NOP Organic Certificate、Kosher、Halal、ISO9001、ISO22000 and HACCP,etc.

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